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Our website contains over 350 training articles all aimed at helping you to improve your understanding of dressage and to develop your riding skills.

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We have over 350 training articles covering all aspects of dressage theory and competition riding. 

How to Correct a ‘Poking Nose’
How to Enter a Dressage Competition Arena
How to Keep Your Hands Still
The Scales of Training: Scale 4 – Impulsion
How to Stop Your Horse Fidgeting in Halt
How to Use the Dressage Scales of Training Pyramid

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We have created a range of expert dressage books and training diaries that are aimed at helping you to develop your dressage skills and stay on track with your competitions and schooling. 

Our books are frequently at the top of the Amazon bestsellers list, having sold over 15,000 copies!

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I have found a book that has the answers to everything I have ever wanted to know dressage wise. Fixing common problems, increasing scores and moving up the levels. Absolutely fantastic! Will now be buying the big book of dressage exercises too!
- Amazon Customer Review

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Our website contains a lot of articles and sometimes it can be difficult to know where you should start. Which is why we created these email courses. They will tell you what you should be reading and when....and best of all, they're totally free! 


For riders who are new to the sport of dressage. 


An in-depth look at the six dressage scales of training.


For riders who are about to start competing in dressage. 

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