About Dressage

What is dressage?

Well, put simply, dressage literally means “training” in French.

The equestrian discipline of dressage involves the development of a harmonious bond between horse and rider that allows them to communicate through a series of coordinated rider aids, resulting in a seamless, ballet-like dance.

To the onlooker, the aids should be almost invisible so that the horse appears to be performing on his own, with the rider merely an elegant passenger.

In dressage competitions, each rider performs a series of predetermined movements in a measured arena in front of a qualified, experienced judge. Marks are awarded for each movement, and the rider with the highest score at the end of the competition is the winner.

For the majority of leisure riders, dressage is a hobby that should be fun!

Here at How To Dressage, it’s our mission to help our readers to train their horses correctly, boost their dressage scores, and win their next dressage competition.

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Here on the How To Dressage website, you’ll find hundreds of articles, all aimed at helping you to improve your understanding of dressage and to develop and hone your riding skills.

It’s our aim to work with riders who are just starting out on their dressage journey by providing straightforward articles that anyone can understand, even complete beginners.

All the articles on our site are written by experienced, qualified British Dressage judges who share with you exactly what the judge wants to see at every level of dressage test.

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And the educational content we provide for you doesn’t stop there!

Of course, without the foundations in place, you cannot hope to progress and succeed in this demanding, addictive sport. So, we have created a range of expert dressage books and training diaries that are aimed at helping you to develop your dressage skills along the correct lines.

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Dressage is a fun and rewarding equestrian discipline, but it can be confusing and frustrating for the novice and beginner.

We aim to take away the stress and provide education for all our readers in a friendly, straightforward manner through our professionally written articles and books, and in a supportive community of likeminded friends.

We’re not here to criticize those who get it wrong! Making mistakes is all part of the learning process. The sport of dressage is challenging and there is no quick and easy route to success.

It’s our aim to make your dressage journey successful and, above all, enjoyable!

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