[Solved] Best way to win at dressage?  



I know that that's quite generic - but we're all thinking it!


That's like the golden question! The one thing that everyone wants to know!

Sadly, there isn't a simple straight-forward one-sentence answer, but I'll try and answer it as best as I can. 


The best place to start is The Scales of Training. ( https://howtodressage.com/category/the-scales-of-training/) Start from Scale 1 and work up to Scale 6. 

The Scales of Training is what every judge is taught to use to base their scores on, so the more you understand (and can execute) the appropriate scales of training to the level you are currently working on, the higher your scores are going to be. 


After you've got an understanding of the scales, I would look at your dressage test and each movement. 

Look up each movement on our blog and see what the judge is looking for. 

So many riders through away marks by simply not understanding what the judge needs to see in order to give you a high mark. If you give the judge what they want, then you're already off to a flying start. 


Enjoy it and understand that dressage takes time. 

Nothing in this sport is push-button and nothing will happen overnight. Patience is this key. 


I hope that has helped answer your question. Let me know if you need anything else. 

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By scoring the most points  ? 

But as above, working on the scales of training. And I had a really good nugget of information in my lesson last week which was make everything your best while riding at home. So that when you go to ride your test you don't need to do your best, you just need to do your usual.

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@equipepper - I LOVE that nugget!