How do you keep your horses interested?  



As willing as Scottie is, sometimes he gets really work sour. (Usually around spring time when he has better things to be doing than going in the school!) When he's like this I either give him a week off which works really well. Or  try and shake things up a bit by doing some more hacking, pole work or jumping.

Do you have any tips for how to keep horses interested when their go to reaction is to tense up and threaten to throw a boredom tantrum?

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Hey Ruby, 

We have a few articles on our blog that might help you out. 

A few of those articles run along the same things that you are currently doing, eg vary the work, hacking etc. However, I think that they'll be a few other tips in there that you find useful. 

Let us know how you get on

HTD x 

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