Double Bridles - Ye...

Double Bridles - Yes or No?  


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05/04/2018 11:13 am  

On our Facebook Page, we recently shared a post from our blog - How to Stop Your Horse Coming Behind the Contact. 

In the Facebook comments, a discussion started about double bridles in competition.  

At the moment, double bridles are only a mandatory requirement at international level. Which means, that you can compete in a snaffle bridles at all levels (including Grand Prix) should you only want to compete nationally. 

BUT question is, do you think that riders should have the choice to compete internationally in a snaffle bridle? 

Let us know your thoughts. 

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06/04/2018 4:52 pm  

I think double bridles can be a fantastic tool, but I don't think they should be mandatory and I don't think they should be used at the lower levels personally.

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