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Building a menage on a budget  

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I will be moving my horses soon, and am looking at building a menage on a budget ( as it isn't my land)

I am thinking of a 20 x 30 , any advice, 

Topic starter Posted : 25/08/2020 3:48 pm
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Wow you're nice! I wish you would build an arena for me ? ? 


A friend of mine's husband works in groundworks, and he built her a 20x40 on their land. He didn't say how much it cost them, but he did say that the mark-up equestrian companies put on arenas is ridiculous. So, if I was doing it, I'd find a general groundworks company to do the drainage etc, and then just buy the surface separate - or even look around for some second-hand surfaces coming from events etc.  

Posted : 30/08/2020 6:28 pm
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