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If you could groom/ride for anyone, who would it be?  

P.B. Equestrian
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Mine would definitely be Carl Hester! Would be THE dream! Not only do I love his approach to training and competing etc, but he's such a kind, hilarious guy, plus his birds are awesome ? 

Topic starter Posted : 13/09/2020 12:13 am
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I'd like to see the inner-workings of Alizee Froment's yard and how she does her training. She rides GP dressage (with doube bridle) but is more well known for her bridleless displays and she does a lot of trick training and theatrical displays. I've watched some of her videos on YouTube and I like the relationship that she has with her horses. 

I'm just here for the free book! (...and I won one!)

Posted : 14/09/2020 6:27 pm
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@P.B. Equestrian Carl Hester for me too for sure! Although I'd be petrified riding in front of him and would probably turn into a self-conscious sack of potatoes ?

Posted : 19/09/2020 11:31 am
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i don't know about riding for but i had the very good fortune, a bit of name dropping here, last year to meet here in Montevideo, Uruguay  Clive Milkins. Spent a week or so in his company as he gave a number of clinics here in the country. I am retired and so had time during the day to run him around a little, show him a bit of Montevideo when he wasn't instructing.

I got to meet him and spend time as a fellow Brit. He had come to Uruguay as arranged by the yard where my daughter rides so they introduced me to him.  Very switched on guy, direct and a very dry sharp and some times wicked sense of humour, which tends to be a trait of bright individuals. 

I was able to watch him give some of his clinics, classroom and practical work.  Amazing instruction such an eye.  

I am very new to dressage so know little of the discipline I have ridden for many years but very little dressage. Recently my daughter has been bitten by the dressage bug so of course I follow. 

Anyway back to Clive, the evening before he left i invited him and those from the yard to our home and cooked for them... a very good evening, he was funny and good company... he has some great stories.          

I didn't know of him until his visit but to quote a site that knows him well

' He has been involved in para-dressage for over 25 years, training horses and coaching athletes to the highest levels of success on the world stage. Most notably, he coached internationally renowned para-dressage athlete, Sophie Christiansen of Great Britain, to six Paralympic, four FEI World Equestrian Games and eight European Championship titles.'

He is currently with the the Canadian Team.  Thought i would share as they say 'sharing is caring'  Photo attached around the table having eaten and enjoyed some wine.

 I am the one taking the photo so not in the pic   mvfjps



Posted : 23/09/2020 12:22 am