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Behind the Vertical  

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Hey guys!

We know that rollkur is a cruel overbending of the horse's neck, but many times people bash others because their horse's head is behind the vertical, while some defend by saying that it is a green horse's attempt to avoid contact. Others say it is against the rules of classical dressage and indicates the lack of 'working through the back'.

Is BTV even be compared to rollkur? Does it have anything to do with a lack of impulsion, false head carriage, or just a young horse's way to avoid contact? Comment below!

He's behind the vertical, but I like how elastic his trot … | Flickr

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This is a great question! 

'Behind the Vertical' and 'Rollkur' are two different things. 

Here's an article on each of them: 

But basically, Rollkur is the forced over-flexion of the neck where as BTV is a training issue. 

Hope that helps 

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Posted : 04/06/2020 6:24 pm