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Canter to trot or walk difficulty…any suggestions thanks  

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Canter to trot or walk difficulty…any suggestions thanks

Luna our Criollo 10 year old mare just wants to keep on going….

Looking for any help out there any suggestions please. Luna has had no schooling or very little before we got her two years ago we bought her from a family who found her too difficult to enjoy her. I think before that she was used as a work horse on a farm or ranch with herds either cattle or horse, gauchos style , we are in Uruguay.

I am currently introducing her to all aspects of riding. Doing lots of transitions to slow her down, and its working, she is slowing. The problem I have is when we try canter down to trot it is very bumpy and then she wants to break back into canter without any request from me.

It is as though she is thinking      ‘ ok I am being asked to canter therefore we must be trying to get somewhere as quick as we can until I am asked to stop'.

Even when I hold her in trot as soon as I release she’s off again.  A bit like a spider, two speeds, motionless or lighting fast, nothing in between. Only when we canter.

  This has been the case for the past 6 months. Granted we have not just concentrated on flat work but am lost as to the approach to take now to try to convey the message it’s okay to canter then come down to trot and maintain a steady trot. 

We have been working on long slow walk and trot where she stretches out and she is good with that as are her transitions walk trot, halt, walk, trot, or halt trot halt.

 It’s just after the first canter getting her to come down to stay in a trot is like fighting a bear and she is as quick a as rattle snake, a very sweet one.

  As above anybody had this problem or any suggestions would be appreciated.  I have read the items on here, ‘Forward down Transitions’ and ‘Ride a Good canter Walk Transition’. They are  great but still not quite hitting the mark with me for this.   Thanks   mvfjps  

Posted : 24/09/2020 11:13 pm
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Hello @mvfjps

Thank you for posting in our forum 🤗 We just wanted to let you know of two other articles that might be relevant. 

There are a few exercises in these posts that you can try with Luna if you think they'll help 👍 

HTD x 

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Posted : 26/09/2020 11:02 am
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@how-to-dressage     HTD.  Thanks for the guidance. Appreciated mvfjps

Posted : 26/09/2020 12:24 pm