Do you NEED a dress...

Do you NEED a dressage saddle?  


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05/04/2018 11:42 am  

We'd love to know your thoughts on dressage saddle - specifically, do you NEED one? 

If you are a hardcore dressage enthusiast and your prime discipline in dressage, then it makes sense that you have a dressage saddle. 

But, if you do a bit of everything with your horse, forking our for multiple saddles can be expensive, which is why people tend to have a general purpose saddle. 

So our question is, do you think that having a saddle that is not specifically designed for dressage would hinder your development in the dressage discipline? 


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06/04/2018 4:56 pm  

I think it really depends on the cut of the saddle. Scottie has massive shoulders so our GP saddles tend to be more of a GPD cut, meaning they are fairly straight in front. I think this helps with the dressage, but I think it makes life a bit more difficult when we start jumping that bit bigger. I personally think it is easier to do dressage in more of a jumping style saddle than the other way round.

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