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How to improve without lessons?!  

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Hi, any tips/suggestions for improving without lessons?!  Not for want of trying, our yard manager does not allow external instructors and lesson availability is very inconsistent and not to the level I need.  Moving yards is not an option.  Looking for online training or lessons via video or any other suggestions.  Many thanks!

Posted : 19/09/2020 11:40 am
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There are a lot of videos on YouTube that you can access for free. Alternatively, there are the online video programmes such as Dressage Today. 

You can also buy books and read articles (the How To Dressage ones are good) 

...and thanks to COVID a lot of instructors have been offering remote video lessons which could be an option for you. I know Olivia Towers advertised some recently. 

Another option is to have a look at the online dressage competition companies. You can enter a competition for dressage test feedback, but they also do training videos where you send them a video and then they help you out on what you need to work on. 

Best of luck! 

I'm just here for the free book! (...and I won one!)

Posted : 21/09/2020 6:53 pm
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The Yard owners attitude so annoys me, I use to teach and had to go freelance when I lost my yard in a divorce. 

I carried on teaching for another 20 years, but this started happening more and more,  yards were not letting visiting instructor's on, but either not offering instruction at the level liveries wanted or insisted on them having their instructor ( found out several YO were getting free lessons for doing it)

Can you not box out to a instructor, or get together with someone else in your area to share transport and a lesson with.

Failing that if you are struggling send me a video and I will give you some pointers

Posted : 22/09/2020 12:08 pm