Improving core stab...

Improving core stability  


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15/04/2018 8:10 am  

I had a c-section 6 months ago and I had over a year off riding before that.  I'm struggling lately to be strong in my core and find myself tipping forward easily.  Any tips?

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15/04/2018 12:58 pm  

Hey @myhorselife

Thanks for popping by our forum. 

We don't have an article on core strength at the moment, but it's a great topic and one that I will put forward to our judges and trainers to write. 

It's great that you have recognised the issue - being aware of the error is half of the battle. 

But to help you out we'd recommend regaining your strength by doing gentle core and back exercises off the horse, building up the difficulty as you get stronger. When you are riding, focus on finding a nice deep seat and re-establishing your centre of balance. 

Here are some current posts that may help 

  • How to Ride Without Stirrups - there are some exercises in here that will help you find the deepest part of your saddle.
  • How to Stop Gripping with Your Knees - because you are tipping forward, you may be pivoting on your knees. Having the correct leg position will help ensure that your upper body remains in balance.
  • How to Use Your Seat - Once your position has been corrected and your strength regained, you will be able to use your seat effectively.

I hope this helps. Please do let us know how it all goes. 

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