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01/04/2018 6:22 pm  

Hello everyone,

I run a blog called Equestrian Writer. Technically my blog is primarily a western blog. However, I do a lot of cross training with classical dressage. So I have quite a bit of content that pertains to dressage. My articles include training, care, maintenance, how-to, and equine mechanics. I also share my story as a handicapped equestrian and aim to empower and encourage others who may be going through similar struggles.

Blog: equestrianwriter.com

Twitter: @EW_Blog

Facebook: @EquestrianWriterBlog

Pinterest: @EquestrianWriter

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01/04/2018 11:12 pm  


Thanks for popping by our forum and sharing your blog! We'll check it out and follow you on social media  ? 

Although we are primarily a dressage website, a blog is open to all-things-equestrian and it's great to get some insight into other disciplines. 

Also, just to let you know that the first 3 times you post in our forum we have to manually approve them. But after that, you can post without needing to be approved. We're still trying to find the off switch for the manual approval  ?  

It's great to have you and we're looking forward to seeing more of your posts

HTD x 

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