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17/04/2018 1:01 am  

I love teaching almost as much as I love dressage.  My new business allows me to help dressage riders from Training to 4th Level by having them send practice videos through YouTube.  It is simple, inexpensive and is a valuable addition to other coaching you might be using.  I do an in-depth written analysis with follow up calls for clarification.  If you sign up for a three month course ( 6 videos) I will refund your entire fee after your first analysis if you are not completely satisfied.  Check out my website at and sign up for your risk free three month trial.  Call if you have questions.  This $350.00 sale price won’t last long!

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18/04/2018 3:42 pm  

Hello @arbush

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If you have any more introductory offers or discounts codes, please share them in here  

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