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Dressage girths

Green Bean
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Hi, I am looking into buying a wider than normal girth for my mare to see if it will assist with her pulling faces and wanting to bite me when I bring the girth up around to do it up, and then tighten it. I have done all the first step things like hormones, saddle check and scope for ulcers. There are very few wide girths on the market and are certainly not common place on online equestrian shops. This has concerned me, as surely this would indicate a reason behind not having a wide girth. Any thoughts?

Topic starter Posted : 16/12/2020 7:22 pm
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This is interesting, I've never thought of it that way. 

I don't think that there is anything specifically wrong with wide girths (stud girths go quite wide under the belly) I think, possibly, it has more to do with how to attaches to the saddle. The girth straps on the saddle are only so wide apart, and therefore, and creating a girth that is wider all around may create uneven pressure. (?? It's just my theory. I have no idea if that is correct or not) 

In any sense, if you struggle to find a wider girth, have you tried a stud girth? Just a thought. 

Posted : 21/12/2020 12:53 pm
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I like the shaped girths from Total Saddle Fit.  They have one with a V-shaped elastic in the center at the sternum as well as at the buckles.

Barbara J Martin

Posted : 22/12/2020 11:37 am
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Hi Green Bean- can I suggest the Mark Todd short event girth? It’s wider than a “normal” dressage girth and my horse liked it.


(if you’re after a size 28” in black I have one for sale in VGC!!) 

Posted : 22/12/2020 11:41 am