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Hoof boots  

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Hey guys!

I've been doing a lot of research on keeping horses barefoot, and know that not all horses can go barefoot


There are many many hoof boots in the market, all expensive but with proven results. The Cavallo, Renegade, and Scoot boots look particularly appealing. They even look cool, come in a bunch of colours and look like sneakers. Whenever I get my own horse, I am definitely keeping them in these.

What are your thoughts? Are these worth a shot for you, or do you just prefer the old tried and tested metal shoes? Do you think they should be (or are allowed) in Dressage?


Posted : 26/05/2020 2:15 pm
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I own two thoroughbreds with typical thoroughbred feet.  One is super underslung in his front left, so we have to keep that foot at a different angle.  He also gets special gel pads.  If he goes past 6 weeks, his toes get too long and he gets sore.  With his special trimming, shaping, and such, it ends up costing about $260 every 6 weeks.


My other thoroughbred is a bit better.  We are working on reshaping his feet after being in pasture, and with the trails in my area, I like shoes on all 4.  His toes got chipped up when he was out barefoot.   I will say, I had hoped to keep my newer gelding barefoot until we took him on trail, but it would have cause more harm than good.


**Note: Both of my geldings are on Farrier's Formula for their feet, and I am noticing a huge improvement in the strength and *correct* growth.

Life is short, enjoy the ride! <3

Posted : 02/06/2020 5:05 am
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As you say, it all depends on the horse; the quality of the hoof that it has and the job that the horse is expected to do. 

If you horse has good feet and is comfortable going barefoot, and happy in hoof boots when on trail rides, then go for it. But I wouldn't rule out traditional and remedial shoeing methods if they are needed. 

When it comes to dressage, most of the time you'll be riding in a surfaced arena or on grass, therefore hoof boots will not be needed and the horse can just go barefoot. So, no need to worry there whether they are permitted or not 😉 

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Posted : 02/06/2020 7:59 pm