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Do you scratch your head at your dressage scores? 

Do you come out of your dressage test thinking that was your best yet, only to be shocked by a low score?

Do you constantly get lost in your training?

Do you often find yourself going around and around the outside track, riding the same movements, in the same places, and in the same order, not knowing what to do next?

Do you feel as though you are not improving?

Have you been stuck at the same level for a long time, getting the same scores, and feeling as though you are not progressing as quickly as you'd like to? 

Do you want to be better for your horse?

Is your horse a superstar in the making but you are unsure of how to help him reach his full potential? 

The problem with trying to do dressage on your own...

If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above questions, don't worry. You are not alone! 
Dressage is a confusing and often misunderstood sport and you're up against a lot if you try to tackle it on your own. 

There is an endless amount of misinformation out there. And the information that is correct uses confusing terminology that also frequently gets misunderstood!

On top of that, there's always someone trying to sell you the latest "magic bullet" - usually in the form of a gadget, a bit, or a supplement - that will magically fix all of your problems. (Hint: It wont!) 

Dressage is a complicated sport that leaves many riders feeling as though they are going around in circles - quite literally!

We have created a COMPLETE COURSE that teaches dressage in a SIMPLE, EASY and LOGICAL way that ANYONE can follow! 

Buy it now!!!

If you don’t know the basics you can only reach so far. This is the best money I’ve spent on my dressage education. The cost is barely two lesson with an instructor. And instructors can’t give you this strong theoretical foundation to build upon.

It is excellent pedagogy, repetition is built in, the quizzes keep you repeating and learning and checking that you got the message. It’s so much easier to understand like this compared to reading a book. I can listen to lectures while screen on phone is turned off, which allows me more study time.

It’s a great comprehensive guide which in all sureness will make me a better rider. And probably you too. Go get it!

- Julia Larsson

Fabulous resource

Having had the link for How To Dressage shared with me a couple of days ago, I clicked on the link.. and wasn’t disappointed. I’ve spent last year undertaking the start of my dressage journey (unaffiliated) and wish I’d had this resource sooner.

Understanding where dressage came from, and the principles that underpin it has helped me to better understand the benefit that this discipline will being .. firstly to my horse Ziggy Zu, and secondly to me. Rather than the focus on rosettes, and how to win them, this programme appears to offer a way to build up a relationship with your horse based on understanding how horses move, how to help them achieve their physical potential and how to support rather than force them.

I would I recommend this to anyone who wants to work with their horse and help them in being healthy, fit and happy

- Gill Birrell

Create the partnership you always wanted

Correct dressage training creates a clear communication channel between horse and rider, resulting in less mis-communication, less second-guessing, and less confusion. 

This helps to build an harmonious partnership and gives both you and your horse more confidence and enjoyment in the ridden work.


 This course is designed for every horse and rider.

Travers dressage course


Dressage training will benefit all riders. Regardless of the discipline you choose to compete in, dressage should form your foundation. 


It doesn't matter whether you have a just-backed youngster, an ex-racehorse that you are retraining, or an already established dressage horse. 


You will learn what the dressage judges are looking for and how to train and ride all dressage movements correctly and consecutively.

Easy-to-understand presentations breaking down the theory of dressage, taking you step-by-step through the competitive levels.


We give you the theory of every dressage test movement, how to train it, and how to ride it. 


We break down all the common faults so you know what mistakes to avoid. 


We uncover what qualities the dressage judge needs to see to give you a high mark. 


Whilst we were building this course, we ask our students to give us feedback through an anonymous survey. And because it was anonymous, they could tell us what they REALLY though!

Love this program! There were a lot of things I didn't understand in lessons but this course has helped me! Especially in my riding.

Information presented in a very concise and comprehensive manner especially for novice dressage, yet experienced Hunter rider. Appreciate how info is laid out with what to do's as well as what not to do's so full details are explained and why it is vital to the desired outcome. Also like how care is taken to inform rider about keeping training in line with keeping horse healthy and safe. This course has been extremely helpful to understanding theory of dressage, biomechanics, and has positively improved my riding and skill. Discussing step-by-step breakdown understanding of movements and how to apply the theory to practical riding has resulted in an enhanced relationship with my horse especially during specific training sessions and overall training program. I also like how the entire course covers and encompasses aspects related to all elements. This is one of the best dressage courses I have engaged in and I do find the price to be very fair and good value and the information is presented ina very organized manner. Thank you for all the taking the time and effort to provide all the details!

Absolutely awesome!!! Simple to understand and great instructions. I have already been applying them to my riding!!

I honestly cannot praise this course enough! It's absolutely fantastic. It is THE BEST and EASIEST course I've found. Your explanations are fantastic; so easy to understand. I'm absolutely thrilled with what you've put together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I love, love, love the structure of the course and clarity of your video presentations. It is easy to digest and engaging to learn.
THANK YOU for producing such an excellent toolkit.
I'm 43yo returning to riding lady with a very slowly home started mare who was backed at 6yo and is now 8yo whom I've had from 2yo and we are just getting into work with bit and bridle after a big break. So the release of your course was perfect timing for us 🙂

I love this course!! It explains the principles of dressage so clearly, and I love the handouts, quizzes and exercises. I'll be referring to the course and website a lot from now on. Great job!


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Here's what you can expect. 


We're not going to teach you how to ride a simple change until you can ride walk-canter and canter-walk. Each module builds on the one before helping you progress successfully through the levels.


Each lesson includes a downloadable and printable "fill-in-the-blanks" worksheet for you to complete and take additional notes as you follow along with the lesson.


Each video has been edited to include English closed captions along with chapter timestamps, helping you to find the information that you want. 


There is a short, optional, multiple-choice quiz at the end of every lesson to test your new knowledge and understanding of the movement.


Many lessons also have a downloadable exercise sheet containing the key lesson points along with a selection of exercises that you can try at home. 


We do not include recordings of other people having riding lessons. Instead, we use presentations and diagrams to give you a complete understanding of how and why to ride various movements. 

step-by-step progression

Starting at the very beginning, this course helps you to progress through the levels with simple and easy-to-understand presentations, breaking down the principles of dressage.

Making dressage easier to understand...

It is our mission to encourage more riders into the world of dressage, and for that to happen, we need to make the sport easier to understand. 

Imagine going into a dressage test knowing exactly what it is that the judge wants to see in each and every movement, fully understanding the comments on your score sheet and why you got the marks you did. 

Imagine going into your home arena knowing exactly what qualities you want to improve, what exercises to ride, and how to structure your horse's training to help you both reach your full potential.

When you're armed with the correct knowledge, you'll experience less frustration, less dead-ends, less mistakes and dressage disasters. Instead, training will be enjoyable for both you and your horse!


Here are the lessons that are included in this course. 

Introduction - FREE MODULE

About this Course

About Dressage

The Scales of Training - FREE MODULE

Introduction to the Scales








Training the Dressage Horse

How the Horse Thinks & Learns

The Horse’s Balance

The Structure of Your Training Sessions

The Dressage Arena

The Rider

Successful Rider Attitude

Setting Goals

Rider Position & Balance

Rising Trot

Sitting Trot

Influencing the Horse

Leg to Hand


Paces 1

Medium Walk

Free Walk on a Long Rein

Working Trot

Working Canter

Transitions 1

Introduction to Transitions

Preparing for Transitions

Upward Transitions

Downward Transitions

Movements 1


Circles, Bending & Flexion




Give & Retake

Allow the Horse to Stretch

Paces 2

Introduction to Pace Variations

Medium Trot

Medium Canter

Collected Trot & Canter

Transitions 2

Walk to Canter

Canter to Walk

Simple Change

Movements 2



Introduction to Lateral Work


Shoulder-Fore & Shoulder-In


Paces 3

Extended Trot & Canter

Collected Walk

Extended Walk

Transitions 3

Canter to Halt

Halt to Canter

Flying Changes

Movements 3

Walk Pirouette



Counter-Change of Hand & Zig-Zag

Canter Pirouette

Paces 4



Transitions 4

Tempi Changes

Passage to Piaffe to Passage


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In order to keep this course available for just one low price, here are a few things that are not included with this course. 


This is a self-taught course and How To Dressage will not be available to answer questions relating to individual training issues.  


All training videos are only available to watch through our website. They cannot be downloaded and watched offline, therefore, please make sure you have a working internet connection. 


Due to the course being an intangible digital product that is non-returnable, we are unable to offer refunds. However, you do get free access to the first two modules which we strongly advise you watch before purchasing. 


Just follow these five simple steps and you'll be on your way to achieving your dressage and horse riding goals. 

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Here are the answers to the most common questions. 

What currencies are available?

The Complete Online Dressage Course is available to purchase in 6 difference currencies. The current prices are as follows: GBP £79 / USD US$99 / AUD A$135 / CAD CA$119 / EUR €91 / NZD NZ$150

Do you have to do the quizzes?

No, the quizzes are optional but we do recommend that you give them a go to test your understanding. They are multiple-choice and the results are kept private (unless you choose to share your own score). 

Is the course drip fed?

No. Once you have bought the course you get access to all the videos we have completed and are free to watch them whenever you like and in any order. 

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Due to the course being an intangible digital product that is non-returnable, we are unable to offer refunds. However, you do get free access to the first two modules which we strongly advise you watch before purchasing. 

How do I buy the course?

Click on one of the 'Get Started for Free' buttons and you'll be taken to the course dashboard. When you click on one of the free videos you'll be prompted to register. Once you have watched our free videos and you are happy with the content that we are providing, then simply try to access one of the premium videos. This will take you to a page with a button to 'Buy Now' which will allow you to purchase lifetime access to all the videos with one simple payment.  

I have more questions!

Please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help. 


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